The Most Important Thing (Part 1)

The Most Important Thing (Part 1)

Sunday Message Summary, 11 April 2021

Above all and before all, we should do this one thing – get wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing, it is key, primary, and premier, wisdom and understanding are imperative, and the LORD is prescriptive that we should get them (Proverbs 4:7). Above all our acquisitions, the key thing we require is wisdom, and when we have this one key thing, we have everything. To please GOD and fulfill our calling, purpose, and assignment, we require divine knowledge, wisdom and understanding, because we will not be able to represent GOD as Christians minus equipment from GOD. Even GOD Himself could not and did not create anything without wisdom, understanding and knowledge (Proverbs 3:19-20). Each and every believer requires God’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge and it is not a reserve of ministers or servants of GOD. All our endeavors, acquisitions, pursuits, possessions, wealth, and money cannot compare to having wisdom.

We require wisdom, understanding and knowledge to live holy lives, to please and to serve GOD. In Exodus 31:1-5, GOD could not use Bezalel to build His Tabernacle minus knowledge, wisdom and understanding. For us to be able to do what we have been created, called, assigned, and appointed to do, we require to be enabled with knowledge, wisdom and understanding by the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Minus the Holy Spirit we cannot do anything for GOD.  Apostle Paul could not preach Jesus until he obtained divine knowledge, wisdom and understanding concerning what he was to preach about (Galatians 1:15-16). Jesus revealed Himself, taught and showed Apostle Paul what he was supposed to preach about. What is revealed to us is revealed for an assignment if indeed it comes from GOD.

Man does not know the worth, value and importance of wisdom, so we will never find wisdom here on Earth, nor can anything on Earth even purchase wisdom (Job 28:12-15). From where then can wisdom be found if it cannot be found here in the land of the living, and where is the place of understanding? God knows where to find wisdom and understanding, and He also knows how to get it, which is to fear GOD and depart from evil (Job 28:28). Furthermore, no one can have divine knowledge, wisdom and understanding without the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11:2). Man, unless filled with the Holy Spirit, cannot receive knowledge, wisdom and understanding. These are some of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in and through man. This underscores the importance of receiving the Holy Spirit for all believers. We are truly the light of the world and the salt of the Earth, but we require to walk in the Holy Spirit.

We need wisdom, understanding and knowledge to succeed in everything that we do, and it is impossible to fail when we have them. It is one thing to build, but it is another to establish because for establishment we need understanding (Proverbs 24:3-4).  Earthly knowledge, wisdom and understanding is incapable of building anything of lasting value. What man does without GOD is vain, futile, pointless, worthless, and useless (Psalms 127:1-2), and there is no life in carnality because carnality cannot build anything that will last. Everything of GOD is built into the Word of God, and in Joshua 1:8 it is because of the wisdom, understanding and knowledge that Joshua would acquire from the Book of the Law that would make Joshua victorious, prosperous, and successful. For this reason, the Christians and Apostles of old were not ignorant and made it their prayer item to ask for knowledge, wisdom and understanding that comes from GOD through the Holy Spirit (Colossians 1:9-10).

We require wisdom, understanding and knowledge to live holy lives, to please and to serve GOD.


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