Dealing With Persecutions

Dealing With Persecutions

Sunday Message Summary, 25  April 2021

GOD has promised to bless us, and He adds no sorrow with His blessing, but Jesus says that Satan is going to attack us because of the blessing (Mark 10:29-30).  Persecution is suffering for the good that one has done, so persecution is commendable before GOD, and we should take it patiently because a persecuted person is a righteous and godly person, and a child of GOD (1 Peter 2:19-23). Most of the time the devil uses people to persecute children of GOD, however it is not the person fighting you as a child of GOD, but the devil using the person. Abel, who was righteous, was killed by Cain, but it was the devil in Cain that murdered Abel (1 John 3:12).  

Your persecutor is not far from you but is closer than you think. So intimate was the relationship Judas had with Jesus, that he kissed Jesus when he betrayed Him (Matthew 26:49-50). Satan’s convenient person to bring you down is the person closest to you.  It is the people that you are familiar to, and are familiar to you, the ones who think they know you, that the devil targets to pull you down. However, one cannot understand a person who is under the control of the Holy Spirit. The world persecuted and crucified Jesus because they did not know Him, “for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory” (1 Corinthians 2:8). Similarly, the world does not know us, so the world persecutes us. The world is going to do to us what the world did to Jesus, so we must take up our own cross daily and follow Him. If the world does not persecute us, we are not born again.

The world does not know Jesus nor a true believer, so the world responds in the best way they know how, which is to persecute us (John 15:18-21). Your persecutors do not need a cause to come against you because you are not of the world anymore. The world first hated Jesus, and now hates us, so any person who is not born again is a tool for Satan to use against us. Jesus suffered but He did not fight back because children of GOD do not fight back, answer back, or retaliate. The Spirit of God in us does not produce retaliation but the Christian response to our persecutors and haters is to forgive and to love. When we undertake for ourselves, GOD will not undertake for us. The Spirit in us does not argue, so when we are arguing, that is another spirit producing that inside of us and no longer the Spirit of God. A person who does not love another is spiritually dead and according to 1 John 3:15, the sin of hating another person is as the sin of murder.

Many so-called Christians are Satan’s secret agents, so before tackling a person head-on, we need discernment because we are in fact fighting demons. It was the Holy Spirit who directed Jesus who to call and choose to be His disciples because even GOD Himself knows that there are secret agents among true Christians (John 6:70-71), however ours is to love and forgive.

The Christian response to our persecutors and haters is to forgive and to love


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