Love & Words

Love & Words

Sunday Message Summary, 16 May 2021

What is love? Love is the outcome and physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit within us. The Holy Spirit is given to us as an aid to fulfill the Word of God, and that same Word of God is fulfilled through love (Romans 13:8). The Holy Spirit has thus been gifted to us to enable us to love. One of the areas where the Holy Spirit helps us to love is the sticky area of words. Apostle Paul expands on this in 1 Corinthians 13:1 that words are not just words, but it is either our words express love, or they are just a meaningless noise. Three things we learn from this passage that highlight the relationship between words and love:

1. God gave us the ability to speak not necessarily for communication, but for the pursuit of our love for God and others.

2. Words can sound right and good, but it is the motive that carries all the weight.

3. If the words we speak are not inspired by love, no matter how eloquent, we are making an unpleasant noise, and will end up repelling others from the Kingdom, instead of attracting them.

Jesus expands on this in His conversation with the Pharisees in Matthew 12:33-37. Words are the fruit of what lies on the inside of a person, the heart being the motive and driving force behind those words. Words are an overflow and the fruit of our hearts. If we pay attention to our words and where they come from, we get a good gauge of whether we walk in love because the weight of our words spoken consists of the motive of our hearts. Furthermore, the words of our lips, in the spirit reflect that which we hold most dear in our hearts. This means that for us to speak love and life, what we need to treasure most within us is loving God, pleasing Him, and loving others. Words are a God-given weapon to express the love of GOD that people need in this world, but if our words are thoughtless, and without motion, we will allow the flesh to dictate what we speak. Every word that does not come with a God mandate from within is idle and meaningless, so if we have nothing to say in building, in comforting others, in teaching, in empowering, & in counselling, which is inspired by the Holy Spirit, it is better for us not to speak but to wait for the LORD to give us the right words. Words are a matter of spiritual life and death, so we cannot afford to be passive and thoughtless concerning the words that we speak.

“The loose tongue of the godless spreads destruction.” – Proverbs 11:9a MSG. If we are not filled with God through His Holy Spirit, it is impossible to build others because only the Holy Spirit in us can cause us to speak Words full of love. Holy Spirit helps us to control our tongues, as the most destructive characteristic of a tongue that is not under the control of the Holy Spirit is the level of looseness. We are better suited focus much of our efforts on the Holy Spirit making us speak right (James 3:2), but it is impossible to speak right and to live right when our hearts are not right because it is impossible to love when our hearts are not right.

For us to speak love and life, what we need to treasure most within us is loving God, pleasing Him, and loving others.


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