How To Live Above The Flesh

How To Live Above The Flesh

Sunday Message Summary, 23 May 2021

The actual war for a believer is within and not without. This is about the only thing we will ever grapple with in our Christian life – the battle of yielding to the flesh versus the Spirit. If we yield to the Holy Spirit, then we abandon the cravings of the flesh, and vice versa. As we are controlled and led by the Holy Spirit, we cannot be controlled and led by the flesh. The two are incompatible and conflicting (Galatians 5:16-17 TPT). The flesh always offends the Holy Spirit, hindering the Spirit from living freely within us. When we give in to what the flesh demands, we hinder ourselves from walking in the dynamic life of power, faith, victory, and blessings for a believer, hindering ourselves from walking in a living fellowship and communion with GOD.

Perfection eludes and evades all of us. All of us are liable and predisposed to the same things because of the flesh, but nothing good comes out of the flesh minus GOD (John 6:63).  The flesh must be subdued and conquered, because if not kept in check by the Holy Spirit, the flesh leads to destruction. There is however no self-control without the Holy Spirit, and it is only when we give in to the leading of the Holy Spirit that we hinder the flesh from dominating us. After we are born again, that which we have been set free from does not give up, and whatever the flesh brings us to do is to destroy us. What the flesh desires is destruction disguised as pleasure.

We must be guided (Galatians 5:16), directed (Galatians 5:18) and led (Galatians 5:25) by the Holy Spirit. Not only must we have the Holy Spirit in our lives, but we must be responsive, obedient, and submissive to Him. Even if we know the Scriptures, without the Holy Spirit, we have no fruits to show, and there cannot be power of the Holy Spirit minus the Holy Spirit Himself. If the Holy Spirit is the One who leads us, then we will walk in righteousness, peace, and joy. The Holy Spirit conquers, restrains, and controls the flesh so that the flesh does not have power and control over a child of GOD, but when we quench the Holy Spirit, we give access, leeway, and power to the flesh.

The flesh, unless kept in check by the Holy Spirit, always leads man away from GOD, leading one astray. The flesh fights, opposes and rejects the plan of GOD for our lives all the time (Romans 8:7 TPT), always giving us an alternative. Nothing good comes from the flesh and the flesh cannot appreciate anything good. No one in the realm of the flesh can please GOD, and for this reason the flesh cannot glory before GOD. Flesh is destroying Christians, and Holy Spirit cannot bring breakthrough when the flesh is standing in His place. However, when we yield to the Holy Spirit, we abandon the sinful nature of the flesh. A Christian is of a sound mind, and it is the Holy Spirit who produces this character in our lives when we are responsive to Him. A believer has got the power of the Holy Spirit to resist the flesh, meaning that anything we do as Christians is not because we cannot help ourselves. We should therefore not use our freedom to be slaves of the flesh again.

What the flesh desires is destruction disguised as pleasure.


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