Let Us Do Love

Let Us Do Love

Sunday Message Summary, 6 June 2021

If GOD so showed and manifested His love towards us by sending His Son, we also must show and demonstrate love to one another (1 John 4:9-11).  The one who has received the love of God is able to love others with the love that they have received, because the one who is given much has capacity to love much, and we cannot give what we do not have. GOD does not just love, but he DOES love, so we must not be there just to profess love, but we must prove it. Love has got to be manifested, done, demonstrated, and practiced.

Every human being has a dire need of love. The love of GOD compels us to love both the righteous and the unrighteous, so we should love all human beings whether born again or not because the love of GOD is indiscriminate. We must not only speak love, but we must also practice love, because the love of GOD shows itself in actions (1 John 3:18). True love has good actions and deeds, it is demonstrable, and there must be evidence. Words without love in action are mere noise because love without actions is lip-service (1 Corinthians 13:1).  We are to lay down our arrogance and self in order to love others. When we are always consumed with our own concerns, we are not able to love others. Love always goes all out for the good of others, so we need to take it upon ourselves, taking initiative to help others, helping people who genuinely need our help (Romans 15:1-3).  We should not cocoon ourselves from the care and needs of other people, because what we do unto others, we do for ourselves (Ephesians 5:28), and God’s love always accomplishes a divine purpose, but only when it is put into action.

The only thing that pleases GOD is love in action. We are commanded to demonstrate love by manifesting it (1 Timothy 1:5), so we know we abide in Christ, are obedient to GOD, and walk in truth when we demonstrate our love unto others (1 John 3:19 TPT).  Jesus loved us selflessly and sacrificially, and we are to imitate, copy and mimic GOD in love (Ephesians 5:1-2). Love is the fulfilment of the commandments, and we know we have obeyed GOD perfectly and completely when we love others deeply with a pure heart and a clean conscience (1 Timothy 1:5 TPT). Contained within the instruction to love one another is the entirety of the Word of GOD (Matthew 22:37-40 TPT). All there is to know about GOD, receive from GOD, & achieve in GOD is found in the love of GOD. The purpose of every instruction in the Kingdom of God is love, and there is no one greater in the Kingdom of GOD than he who loves others more than he loves himself.

God’s love always accomplishes a divine purpose, but only when it is put into action.


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