Appointed Time & Season

Appointed Time & Season

Sunday Message Summary, 13 June 2021

Every individual has their own unique race of faith. Each one of us should run our own race, staying in our own lanes. We must know our purpose in life and stay on that purpose, running our race with endurance, looking only unto Jesus, not other people (Hebrews 12:1-2). At the end, there will be a time of reckoning, a settling of accounts with the One who has commissioned us, and the prize at the end is determined by how one ran. There is a relationship between how long we live and what we achieve, depending on the rate at which we live our lives, how well we lived our lives, and how we lived for GOD. Life is intentional and not incidental, especially considering that each and every person’s life will come to an end one day (Psalm 90:12).

Everything created, which includes all of us, has a time and season (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Every single breath of our lives is counted and numbered. Nothing is eternal, but there is a time, and as a result, there is an urgency. There is a race, run, and a rush to fulfill the purpose for which we were born because there is no eternal time to do everything.  We ought to run, and not walk because there is speed, urgency, and necessity. We are allocated a time and a season to do what we were born for, but many are pursuing the things of this world, leaving their divine purpose. Jesus alone is the author and finisher of our faith, and we should look only to Him as our finish line, our prize, and we therefore must run to win. Jesus Himself also knew His time and season, and what He ought to do (Mark 1:38).

Life is spiritual, so we need spiritual wisdom to live it. Understanding how long we live and what we achieve is dependent on this wisdom. No one has power over their own life, and for this reason the LORD is advocating that we should live our lives with humility.  The grace of GOD is available to and for us to do what GOD has called us to do within the appointed time and season, outside of which we do not have the necessary grace. The grace of GOD envelopes us when we are walking within our calling. Jesus operated within His time and season, and for this reason, things were happening for Him (Acts 10:38). A man operating within his appointed time and season, with the grace of GOD, is unstoppable. When we operate within our time and season, within the grace we have been given, (i) we won’t have to do anything to impress GOD, but we will only be there to foster our relationship with Him; and (ii) we won’t have to manipulate people (Luke 2:52).

You are the voice of GOD in your own time, season, and generation (John 1:22-23). There is no work in the place of the dead, so your time is limited. What time is it in your life, and what is it that you are going to do?

A man operating within his appointed time and season, with the grace of GOD, is unstoppable.


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