How Relevant Are We, Really?

How Relevant Are We, Really?

Friday, 09 July 2021

“David said to Saul, “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him”” – 1 Samuel 17:32 NIV

When I look at how people struggle in the world and how the very people that are meant to care for them aren’t bothered, it really upsets me. Like how people are elected into offices to provide a service yet when they get there their priorities change. This is why we need Christian multimillionaires who have charitable hearts. Christians who see service to humans as service unto the LORD. Everyone knows that there is a need, yet no one is providing aid. We all know there is a problem and it doesn’t look like a solution is in sight.

Like the Israelites during the fight with the Philistines, they too, knew that Goliath was a big problem that they didn’t have a solution for. The conventional way of doing things wasn’t working and it seemed like there was now a Plan B. I love how GOD uses the foolishness of the world to glorify Himself. In the midst of all the fear and confusion, a tiny herd boy was the solution, a boy whose training and equipping were done in secret. One who had battled serious adversities in private (lion and the bear) and was a usable vessel of GOD. When he came even the people he had come to rescue dismissed him and lambasted him for being there.

As Christians, we are the “David’s” of the world. No one expects deliverance from us let alone guidance and assistance. We are viewed as power-hungry and obsessed with people’s tithes and offerings. This is where we should be coming into our own. This is our moment to shine and show the light that we are. We are the ones that should be building houses destroyed by natural phenomenons. We should be the ones building schools and fixing dilapidated bridges for rural kids to cross rivers going to schools. The ones providing sanitary packs and food packages in rural areas (this is why the old missionary workers were so effective back then). We should be doing all this without the government’s involvement. This is why we NEED to be wealthy, yes NEED (I didn’t mince my words). If by now as a Christian you don’t understand why you need to be wealthy something is seriously wrong with you. During this epidemic, millions of people are dying because there aren’t enough ventilators to go around. We should be the ones donating them to hospitals. We were saved for such a time as this. Otherwise, what’s the point? Why are we here? To the world what sets us apart from other religions?

“For [even the whole] creation [all nature] waits eagerly for the children of God to be revealed.” (Romans 8:19 Amplified bible). How long are we going to make them wait? Or we are just content with being a salt-less offering? Like David during the battle with the Philistines, is our people’s suffering not invoking us into action?

We were saved for such a time as this. Otherwise, what’s the point? Why are we here? To the world what sets us apart from other religions?


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