A Spirit-Led Life (Part 4)

A Spirit-Led Life (Part 4)

Sunday Message Summary, 31 October 2021

The Holy Spirit has so many things He wants to do in us, through us, and for us, through the Word of God. It is through the Word that we are protected and given the victory that we need. However, the Word in our hearts will not benefit us if we do not do it, so the distinguishing factor for us believers is doing the Word. We have to walk the Word of God, being informed and inspired by the Word (Psalm 119:105). Not only must we have the implanted Word in our hearts, but the key is in doing the Word (James 1:21b-22). We receive the Word that we may do it, and it is only when we do the Word that we become prosperous.

In Joshua 1:8, specific instructions were given to Joshua by the Word of God. Joshua was instructed to SPEAK the Word, to MEDITATE on the Word, to DO the Word, and only then would the Word bless him. The Word works when we do it, and our responsiveness and obedience to the Word unlocks miracles. When Jesus got into Simon’s boat after they had toiled all night but had caught nothing (Luke 5:1-7), He gave an instruction to Simon to launch into the deep and let down his nets for a catch. Simon put the Word into practice, but only let down one net, not necessarily believing the Word. As a result, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking. We learn here that we should put the Word into practice, whether we believe it or not, and the Word will come to pass. However, whether a person bears fruit and produces a hundredfold, sixty, or thirty, is up to the person’s responsiveness and obedience to the Word (Matthew 13:23).

It is important what happens after we hear the Word. If we hear the Word but do not understand it, the devil plucks the Word out, taking it out by force (Matthew 13:19). To a person who understands the Word, the devil cannot steal the Word, but he brings tribulations, persecutions, and trouble to make the person stumble (Matthew 13:20-21). In this case, the devil knows that this is a baby Christian who is not growing in the Word. However, when we grow in the Word, we become stronger and stronger. Furthermore, Christians who understand the Word, but are worldly, fleshly, greedy, and worried about the issues of life (though they are genuine) and are not growing in the Word, become fruitless (Matthew 13:22). With the understanding and revelation we have, we have not arrived, and if we camp on that revelation we will not grow. What the Word of God promises only comes by doing.

The Word works when we do it, and our responsiveness and obedience to the Word unlocks miracles.


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