All Things Are Yours

All Things Are Yours

Sunday Message Summary, 28 November 2021

The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of GOD (Romans 8:16). There is no witness greater than the witness of the Holy Spirit, so if the Spirit Himself says it, it is settled – we are children of GOD, and we are heirs of GOD because we are children of GOD. All things that the Father has are ours, so whatever Christ owns, He owns it with us. We are on equal footing with Christ when it comes to sonship, position, and inheritance (Romans 8:17). Not just some, but all that our Father has belongs to us because we are His sons and daughters (Luke 15:31). It is therefore a done fact that GOD has given to us all things we need to live for GOD as His glorious children here on earth (2 Peter 1:3).

The Father gave everything to Jesus, not just things on earth. Christ has been given all authority in heaven and earth. In the same way, we are heirs of things present and things to come, even things we do not yet know about (1 Corinthians 3:21-23). There are things that have been given to us in this dispensation and there are things that we cannot walk with here on earth, but all these have been given to us. Both the present glory and the future glory, which together make the eternal glory, belong to us. We should therefore be encouraged to set ourselves apart from the world because there is a future reality, an eternity, that is already ours.

In the beginning, GOD bequeathed to Adam and Eve the wealth of the earth, together with prosperity, success, authority, and power (Genesis 1:28). However, Adam and Eve delivered to the devil the kingdoms of the earth in all its splendor. Thankfully, in and through Christ, GOD restored everything to man and more. For men and women in Christ, there’s nothing that the devil can offer us that does not already belong to us. It is a present reality that we are sons of GOD, and all things are ours. It is therefore critical for us to know what Jesus has done for us, and what has been given to us. It is knowledge that makes the difference. Knowing what has already been done for us enables us to walk in our heavenly reality here on earth. GOD is not expecting us to ask, but He is expecting us to walk in what we have already been given.

For men and women in Christ, there’s nothing that the devil can offer us that does not already belong to us.


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