Jehovah El-Ashiyb (The LORD My Restorer)

Jehovah El-Ashiyb (The LORD My Restorer)

Sunday Message Summary, 26 December 2021

There are many people who are like the widow in Zarephath, who are at the end of themselves, and do not see anything beyond their situation (1 Kings 17:12). This is a place of no hope whatsoever. However, we should rest assured that help is on the way. As was the case with the widow, when GOD speaks a Word, it is not according to our physical possibility, but GOD is able to do beyond what we see (1 Kings 17:8-16). We therefore must live in the miracle zone, because we do not know when our lives will change for the better. Joseph was in prison, probably giving up on life, and when the king called for him on one faithful morning, Joseph did not know how his life would change that morning. Joseph went from prisoner to suddenly becoming second-in-command over the richest nation of the world (Genesis 41:40-44).

GOD restores beyond our comprehension. We sometimes shrink our dreams according to the limitations around us, but GOD restores us beyond our limitation, however we need to believe that GOD has His hand over our lives. Jesus restored the Samaritan woman whom He met at the well, who was an outcast and a loner in her community, having a bit of a reputation. It was after she had encountered Jesus that she left everything she was busy with and began to proclaim the news about Jesus, causing multitudes to follow her (John 4:15-42). Instead of attracting men to herself (which had been the norm for her), GOD restored the Samaritan woman to attract many to Christ. Whatever it was in her that had caused people to reject her is the same thing that GOD had put in her to bring multitudes to Christ. When we give our history to GOD, He gives beauty for ashes.

The LORD is reminding us that He is the Restorer. He is still GOD though the world is going through changes. No matter what we are going through, GOD is Restorer of even the things we are not aware of that the enemy has stolen. Our story is different because it is GOD who is writing it. Our help is on the way.

When we give our history to GOD, He gives beauty for ashes.


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