Rising Again

Rising Again

Sunday Message Summary, 2 January 2022

All things considered, 2021 was a very difficult year for many people all over the world. To top it all off, we found ourselves under lockdown, where we were told what to do, and limitations and restrictions were imposed upon us. Many people all over the world lost hope in 2021, even the people who know GOD, and for many people it seemed as though life had stopped. However, the LORD is not ignorant, He knows everything that has been happening to us, He has heard our cry and He has seen our oppression, grief, and sorrow (Exodus 3:7). The LORD does speak in these dire situations, where it is impossible to help ourselves.  The prophetic Word, which is like fire and a sledgehammer, breaking rock into pieces, is unto a light shining in a tunnel, and this Word has come to give us relief. No prophecy is man’s imagination, nor does it come by the will of man, but it is a Word from the LORD for His people. It is this anointing that breaks the yoke (Isaiah 61:1). So, as the year 2022 has come, what is the LORD saying?

2022 is unlike 2021 and 2020. This is a different season, time, and dispensation. This is a different prophetic, supernatural, and divine time of GOD. It is a hopeful time! In 2022 the LORD has turned our pain into beauty (Psalms 30:11), and He is taking us higher. The LORD says that He will cause His people, His faithful, His beloved, His sons, and His daughters to rise again (Ezekiel 37:12 TLB). The time of spiritual captivity which has limited us is over. This is the year of God’s favor for the church of Jesus Christ, and instead of grief, shame and hopelessness, there shall be beauty (Isaiah 61:3). Out of our brokenness, the LORD will make something beautiful, and He will do it quickly in this year of supernatural acceleration. There shall be no lack, no shame, and no poverty for the children of GOD this year (Exodus 3:8), and this is the year that the LORD will give us bigger responsibilities, for this is the time of lifting and promotion. GOD is entrusting us with bigger offices, bigger contracts, bigger salaries, bigger vehicles, and bigger properties!

We are in the morning of GOD (Psalms 30:5), not in the twilight. This is the season of the new, so GOD is doing something fresh, for our callings and our giftings. The presence of GOD shall always be upon us in this season, and The LORD will lead us out with joy and peace, making us fruitful, not just beautiful (Isaiah 55:13). Many are coming to our light, for the glory of the LORD is risen upon us, and this glory will pull and attract them (Isaiah 60:1-5). Divine connections, relationships, networks, partnerships, and the people through which GOD will bless us are coming to us. The wealth of the sinners shall come to the righteous, for every time that GOD has come through for His people, riches and material blessings followed. The LORD will glorify Himself through us in this season. The LORD will be glorified through our testimonies, through the things He will do for us. Even the angels of the LORD will clap their hands for our release, clapping for what the LORD is doing for us in this season (Isaiah 55:12).

There is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:4). We are coming from a time of weeping and mourning, but now we have entered a season of dancing, a season of rejoicing. This is a season of gladness in the Kingdom of GOD. We should not go on mourning, for we are children of GOD, and we cannot go in the same direction as the world. When everything in the world points to destruction, we will tell a different story. The LORD says we should arise, shine, and come out of our self-pity, seclusion, and hiding (Isaiah 60:1). It is time to arise and shine, and we should not be afraid. The glory of GOD is upon us, so it is not about our strength, ability, and effort. It is the glory of GOD upon us which will accomplish it. There is an anointing of GOD upon us which shall do what GOD has said. We should therefore look at our scars, brokenness, discouragements, disappointments, pain, losses, failures, rejections, repossessions, loss of income, joblessness, sickness and diseases, and smile. Instead of the sorrow and pain of yesterday, the LORD is saying there shall be joy and gladness in the year 2022 for His children. This year, instead of despair, there shall be praise. He will do it quickly!

Out of our brokenness, the LORD will make something beautiful, and He will do it quickly in this year of supernatural acceleration.


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