The Glory Is Rising Upon You

The Glory Is Rising Upon You

Sunday Message Summary, 9 January 2022

If GOD is truly a mighty and powerful GOD, and a GOD of miracles, signs, and wonders, why are we going through the things we are going through? This is something Gideon had been pondering over when Israel was held under siege by the Midianites (Judges 6:13). He asked this question because they had been told from generation to generation how Israel was delivered from Egypt through signs, miracles, and wonders, and Gideon was thirsty for the revealing of this mighty hand of GOD. This is the very same question that many believers are asking even today. Like many believers, Gideon was down to nothing, however when the LORD came, liberty, freedom, deliverance, breakthrough, blessings, healing, joy, peace, contentment, and restoration had come (Judges 6:16). In the same way, today the glory of the LORD is rising upon the church, and when the glory arises things begin to happen. Wherever GOD is revealed and manifested, miracles follow the revelation and manifestation.

Where the glory of GOD is revealed, there is the power of GOD that follows. It is only after GOD revealed Himself to Gideon that He sent him to go in the anointing (Judges 6:14). Even though Gideon was in the presence of the LORD, if he had left without the power, he would not have been able to deliver Israel. The anointing follows the revelation and manifestation of GOD, but we have to wait until we are endued with this power from above (Luke 24:49).  When we are endowed with power from on high, nothing shall be impossible for us. Things become impossible when we try to do them the wrong way, trying in our own power, but when GOD is revealed, the moment the power of GOD is there, that is a game changer. When GOD is involved, what has always been impossible suddenly becomes possible. When GOD is involved, we don’t try, but we do, for He directs us to do. We should therefore not worry, for as was the case with Gideon, when the LORD sends us to carry out an assignment, the one to do it is GOD. GOD was fully aware of Gideon’s insignificant family and background, but GOD knows and loves us with our weaknesses. When GOD uses us, it is in His ability and not our ability (Judges 6:15-16).

This year the jobs, promotion and increase we have been looking for will find us. What has always been hard for us, this year the LORD will make it possible. There is an arising and a shining, and it is not that the light will come, but it has come (Isaiah 60:1). GOD is going to mesmerize us this year because it is the year of the revealed glory, where everything happens supernaturally quick. We have been reading this Word all the time, but TODAY it is fulfilled. Today is a different day.

When GOD is involved, what has always been impossible suddenly becomes possible.


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