Sleeper Agents

Sleeper Agents

Friday, 14 January 2022

“Then the LORD turned to him and said, “Go with the strength you have, and rescue Israel from the Midianites. I am sending you!” – Judge 6:14 NLT

Growing up I used to love spy movies especially when it comes to the concept of sleeper agents. You have a spy that has been strategically placed in enemy territory waiting for a day of activation. Some of these agents don’t even know that they are spies and when the perfect time has come they receive a trigger phrase that activates them into action. They move from being inactive to being active in an instant. These activation phrases can be anything, from a song to a specific sequence of words. Some even have special powers that they didn’t know they had all along, and when activated they become stronger and powerful. When they are activated they then need a briefing session with their handler who will break down their mission and objectives, and monitor their progress. The handler then also reports to his superiors. 

Gideon was a “weak” Israelite when GOD encountered him. He belonged to the weakest tribe and among that tribe, he was the weakest. Yet when GOD commissioned him he was told to go in the power/strength that he has. What power/strength if the man is the least of his people? In the physical he was weak and a coward, yet when the glory of the LORD descended on him he performed miraculous acts. “Then the Israelites said to Gideon, “Be our ruler! You and your son and your grandson will be our rulers, for you have rescued us from Midian” Judges 8:22 NLT. Gideon was transformed from the weakest man amongst his people to being thee most loved because he allowed GOD to work through him. This is where the secret is, submitting all your fears and worries to GOD, and He will then elevate you. 

Like the spy above who was waiting (knowingly or unknowingly) for his activation day, as Christians, we too have to be mindful that our activation day may be anytime. As a ministry, we’ve received a Word that it’s our time to rise. Our handler (Holy Spirit) has briefed us and given us our mandate. Everything we’ve gone through in the past was in preparation for this specific time and season. We’ve been activated and like Gideon before us, it’s our time to destroy and overcome any Midianite before us. The excuse that we are not ready or strong enough isn’t going to suffice anymore. Let us rise… 

Everything we’ve gone through in the past was in preparation for this specific time and season.


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