The Prophet & The Burro

The Prophet & The Burro

Friday, 14 January 2022

“Then God’s anger was aroused because he went, and the Angel of the Lord took His stand in the way as an adversary against him. And he was riding on his donkey, and his two servants were with him,” – Numbers 22:22 NKJV. 

GOD withstood the Prophet but he blamed the burro for it. The burro saw the GOD who stood in the way of the Prophet, but the Prophet did not see Him. How often do we blame people and circumstances for the things that only GOD is responsible for in our lives? It takes humility to rightly discern our situations, and not shift the blame. Most of the time we’re the ones to blame and not others, things or circumstances. We need to have realistic & truthful evaluations of ourselves. 

Like the Prophet, until we see what our actual problem is – which is us – we might be stuck perpetually or die in our sad and sorry state of wishful and empty hope. Balaam’s problem was not the donkey but his own stubbornness and desire. Mostly what really stand in our way is our stubborn will for what we determinedly want or want to do, like Balaam, which unfortunately flies in the face of what GOD wants for us but we’re too preoccupied and obsessed to see the obvious – that whatever we want or want to do is not God’s will. Many of us here we’ve produced Ishmaels of our own stubbornness. What Balaam did not see was too obvious to the burro, similarly what we do not see might be too obvious to others – but we cannot hear them because of our stubborn, strong, unbroken will. Sometimes we’re the only ones who do not see what everybody sees. Ever so often GOD speaks to us through others, we however cannot choose how He speaks to us. So if we cannot hear His human messengers we might not hear GOD at all. 

With a will like this we neither hear nor see God’s obvious messages directed to us. Here’s truth eternal: for GOD to move supernaturally in our lives our will must conform to His. Year after year we wait for GOD to move mightily upon us, to change things in our favor and to leave oodles of blessings for us. But this expectation seems most illusive, why? We have high expectations for GOD to deliver but without the necessary requisite to conform ourselves to His will. Not only must we focus on what GOD wants for us – but in equal measure on what He wants from us. Once we get this right our expectations of Him to move upon us, to change circumstances and bless us will without a doubt become an undeniable reality. God’s intentions to do us good and to do good through us might remain just that – intentions – until we cooperate with Him. He unveils Himself and do great things for His people when they dare to wait for and cooperate with Him. It’s glory time, let’s do the right thing!

For GOD to move supernaturally in our lives our will must conform to His


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