Unveiling Isaiah 60 For This Season

Unveiling Isaiah 60 For This Season

Sunday Message Summary, 16 January 2022

The LORD says we should arise and shine for the light has already come, and the glory is already risen upon us (verse 1). In the spirit realms it is already done, GOD is already finished. The entire earth is covered in darkness and lies under the sway of the evil one, but GOD will not allow us to dissolve into the darkness, but He will arise over us, and His glory will be seen upon us (verse 2). Where we see GOD, we see His glory, and where we see His glory, we see GOD. His glory will be evident and visible upon us, and people will see that the LORD is with us, whether they believe or not.

In this season, unbelievers will be drawn to us because of the glory of the LORD resting manifest upon us (verse 3). GOD will evangelize for Himself, bringing people into His own Kingdom, so it is the power of GOD that will bring them. GOD will bring people of power, influence, stature and leadership, people that are higher than us because we have what they don’t have. They have a perishable, momentary substance whilst we have an imperishable, eternal substance. They are coming to us for something they cannot have with their material worth.

We should lift up our eyes, looking all around, not limiting ourselves by having tunnel vision (verse 4). If we don’t look, they will not come. The LORD is among us, so we always ought to look up, and He says we should go out and look up like Abraham (Genesis 15:5). The things, business and multitudes that are coming to us we cannot quantify, and what we are looking for will be given to us (verse 5), for GOD will do this supernaturally. To know that it is GOD who brought the multitudes, and not us, they shall come praising the LORD (verse 6).

When GOD has glorified us, we become loaded, spiritually and naturally. However, amid what is happening this season, GOD says that we should not forget His house (verse 7). He is blessing us to glorify His house. When GOD wants to glorify His house, He will bless us first. He will glorify His house by glorifying us. Silver and gold in all the earth belongs to GOD, so GOD knows when they come to us that it belongs to the Father in the first place (verse 9). The wealth that GOD is giving is for us to worship Him. GOD understands that there was a time when we were struggling and did not have anything, but now He has favored us (verse 10). This is a season of favor. We cannot earn favor, but it is given.

GOD is not just bringing ordinary people, but they are coming to us, even with their leaders (verse 11). GOD says the church will be open 24/7 because people will be coming from all over, not coming for man, but coming to worship GOD. The LORD says He wants His house to be beautified (verse 13). GOD is concerned about where people gather to worship Him. GOD wants top of the range, that is why He is giving us top of the range blessings, and He is bringing people who will give us top of the range things.

Those who took us for granted, belittled us, reviled us, and said things that they did not understand about us, GOD will bring them, and they will bow because they will see that the LORD is indeed with us (verse 14). GOD will make us an eternal excellence, splendor, joy, and glory of many generations verse 15). GOD will lift us up and promote us (verse 17), and people will invite us to sit in positions where they know we do not qualify.

We shall not depend on natural things anymore, not our salaries nor profit, but the LORD will be to us an everlasting light, and our GOD our glory (verse 19). We shall not lack anymore because the LORD our GOD is our light, and our days of sufferings and struggles shall be ended (verse 20). This season is not temporary, but it is eternal and permanent. There is no way GOD can be glorified unless He glorifies Himself through us (verse 21). Only through a man or a woman can people see GOD.

The smallest congregation shall be a thousand people strong (verse 22). GOD cares about the number, so He will bring people from afar, and they are coming from all around. GOD will accelerate it. This is supernatural acceleration. This is what GOD wants now in this time and season.

When GOD has glorified us, we become loaded, spiritually and naturally.


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