The Gehazi Diagnosis

The Gehazi Diagnosis

Sunday Message Summary, 23 January 2022

Gehazi was the closest person to Prophet Elisha. Great signs, miracles and wonders happened while Gehazi served the man of GOD, and in 2 Kings 8:4-5 Gehazi found himself narrating these to the king, yet he was no longer serving Elisha. What happened? Gehazi had been right in the environment of signs, miracles, and wonders but his heart was untouched and unmoved. This is the pandemic we find in the church today, where everything has become commonplace to Christians, and many are untouched. Association without the right heart in the things of the spirit does not avail. GOD doesn’t look at the outward appearance of man, but He looks at the heart because everything comes from the heart. In the heart is honesty, sincerity, and the real person. Whatever we are not dealing with and keeping in our hearts manifests in small proportions until the day there is a total blow up. The core problem is when our hearts are not available to GOD, where the body is standing before Him, but the heart is elsewhere.

Elisha was Gehazi’s leader, but Gehazi had an attitude of insubordination and assumed leadership over Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44). Gehazi questioned Elisha, not knowing where the instructions came from. He assumed to be more knowing, and he was going against GOD Himself. Gehazi suffered from a rebellious spirit. This is the self-deception we find in the church, where people of GOD do not want to be led, and this attitude of insubordination and disrespect breeds chaos. The thing that we are nursing and not dealing with grows and keeps growing. In Gehazi’s case it grew into total rebellion where Gehazi defied his leader, received gifts for himself (2 Kings 5:20-21), hid them and lied to the man of GOD.

The diagnosis of Gehazi is carnal mindedness. Gehazi represents the unchanged and untransformed Christians, who are the opposite of spiritual but carnal. Such Christians are dominated by their senses, feelings, emotions, and thoughts, and they are not led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:5-8). They focus on the things of the flesh, worldly things, and the things of this life. For Gehazi, Elisha was a quick way to get what he wanted, which was riches. The carnal mind is blocked by the devil, and it is how we block GOD from working in our lives. When we are carnally minded there is no engine for GOD to operate in our lives.

Gehazi did more than just receive Elisha, so how much more was he supposed to receive rewards and blessings according to Matthew 10:41? Instead, Gehazi received a curse.  It is not possible for us to follow true servants of GOD with our hearts involved, and have GOD not bless us. The blessings of GOD follow the transformed, and it is a carnal mind that is a stumbling block (Matthew 16:23). GOD cannot move on our behalf, nor can He use or bless us when we are carnally minded. The presence of GOD does not remain on us when our hearts are not available, when we are full of knowledge of how the things of GOD operate but our hearts are unyielded. The right heart is one that is receptive and being changed by the Word.

GOD cannot move on our behalf, nor can He use or bless us when we are carnally minded.


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