The Caleb Spirit

The Caleb Spirit

Sunday Message Summary, 20 February 2022

When the LORD sent leaders from the 12 tribes of Israel to spy Canaan (Numbers 13:1-3), the purpose was clear. The LORD was giving Canaan to them, and He sent them there so they would know how to strategically take it. Though there were odds standing against them (Numbers 13:28-29), the LORD had foreknown what was in the land and what it would take to possess the land. There is nothing that we will ever do for GOD that has no difficulties, challenges, or odds. Furthermore, the LORD may send us to do or possess something that falls beyond our power. All things considered, what we may be going through does not mean that the Word did not come from GOD, and there is no good worth having that has no challenges.

Often when we are faced with challenges and odds, we begin to doubt and readily question whether what we are doing is something GOD wants us to do, just like 10 of the leaders who went to spy Canaan (Numbers 13:32-33). As a result, many Christians cannot believe or obey GOD to do what He wants them to do because they are waiting for the right conditions, situation, or circumstances. However, we will not do anything in the Kingdom of God if we wait for the opportune time (Ecclesiastes 11:4 AMP). We should do what GOD wants us to do regardless of what is happening, because there is no opportune moment but a divine moment. Where GOD sends us there will be problems, but we ought to be diligent to deal with the situations and challenges. GOD expects us to deal with the problems decisively and not maximize them.

What is the LORD saying to you? What have you done about it? Our response to the Word of the LORD determines whether that Word of God will prosper, even though this Word truly came from the throne of GOD (John 5:5-7). While the other leaders of the tribes of Israel were maximizing problems, Joshua and Caleb were maximizing benefits (Numbers 14:6-9). Where is our emphasis in life – in the “can” or the “cannot”? Many have fallen either from their first love, from grace, or from the faith because of the things they are going through, and many people make wrong decisions because of their situations (Numbers 21:5-7). The things that bother us are here on earth, so we should stop looking down at the things we are going through, but we need to look up and the LORD will take care of us (Numbers 21:8-9).

We need the spirit of Caleb (Numbers 14:24). This is the spirit of faith and courage, which sets us apart in the things of GOD. The way to possess the blessings and the promises of GOD is by the spirit of faith and courage (Joshua 14:10-13). Courage is that grace to keep moving without stopping or slowing down, to stay against the odds. The Caleb spirit stands on the Word of God, believes the Word, and does not leave any of the Word of God undone. Caleb knows that it is not about him, it is not about the flesh, but it is about GOD.

There is no opportune moment but a divine moment.


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