Humble Yourself (Part 3)

Humble Yourself (Part 3)

Sunday Message Summary, 6 March 2022

For every situation we find ourselves in there is a solution from above, so in our dire situations which are humanly impossible we require God’s intervention. That intervention more often than not comes by the Word of God. However, GOD cannot hear a prideful voice and He cannot even look at pride. It is only when we humble ourselves before GOD that He speaks, intervenes, and begins to move and act on our behalf (2 Chronicles 12:4-7 AMP). The LORD speaks to the humble, but as to whether or not we will humble ourselves before GOD to enable Him to intervene is entirely dependent on us. It is only after Ahab humbled himself that GOD changed His decision (1 Kings 21:25-29). GOD speaks in humility, not when we are presumptuous, assuming to know what He is saying. What is standing between us and God’s intervention is pride.

Jesus modelled the mind, attitude, and character GOD wants in us, and He wants to mold this character in us if we allow Him (Philippians 2:5-9). Jesus, although He was GOD, did not wear it on His sleeve. We also must make ourselves of no reputation, not going around telling people who we are in Christ and in the physical. We must stop looking for recognition everywhere because if we make ourselves of no reputation, it does not take away who we are. Jesus set aside His divinity, not just becoming human, but He became the lowest human by becoming a slave. GOD could have taken the form of a king or a priest, but He took the form of a slave. If we say we are servants of GOD we have been given an example to become slaves, not lifting ourselves up.

Jesus not only humbled Himself, but He became obedient even to the point of death (Philippians 2:8). Obedience is the ability to listen and do without understanding, to say and do what we are told to say and do, whether we agree to it or not. An obedient person will never question legitimate authority, and when we reject the spiritual counsel where GOD has placed us under, we are rejecting GOD Himself. GOD can lead, guide and counsel us only in humility and obedience, and our faithfulness will be seen by our consistency in doing what GOD tells us to do.

If GOD, the Creator who keeps the moon and the stars in the sky, could humble Himself, why is it so difficult for us to humble ourselves? The GOD who made us led by example. To be people of influence and impact in the world is not in pride, but in humility, because humility is attractive to everyone, whether spiritual or secular. Furthermore, to serve and do in the house of GOD we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, but the Spirit cannot move freely when we have pride. GOD raises, exalts, and promotes humility, not perfection, but pride will eventually lead a person to destruction.

GOD raises, exalts, and promotes humility, not perfection.

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