Condition For Answered Prayer

Condition For Answered Prayer

Sunday Message Summary, 13 March 2022

The recipe for GOD to always hear us is obedience. Jesus, for example, was always obedient to the Father, always doing the things that pleased His Father, and GOD always heard the prayers of Jesus (John 11:42). GOD always listens to the prayer of a person who does His Word (John 9:31), and He shows no favoritism, but receives everyone who fears and obeys Him, doing His will (Acts 10:34-35). Therefore, no one can justifiably claim that GOD does not hear their prayers. When we perpetually offer prayers and there are perpetually no answers to our prayers, the fault is not on the other side of the line, but on our side. The will of God is central in prayer, and His will is obedience to His Word. If we ask anything in obedience, GOD hears us, and whatever we ask, we have the petitions that we have asked of Him (1 John 5:14-15).

It is therefore every man and woman’s choice whether we receive whatever we desire from the LORD. The Word of God has got instructions, so whatever we ask we receive from GOD because we obey these instructions (1 John 3:22). The measure and rate at which we receive anything from GOD we set for ourselves, because it depends on our obedience to GOD. It is for this reason then that the people who don’t take the Word of God to heart to do it do not have much to show for their Christianity. Blessing is in obedience, so the things that we want from GOD are in obedience to His Word.

The presence of GOD to a child of GOD ought always be resident, but this is ONLY possible if we are humble, obedient, and submissive, doing the things that please GOD. If we have not obeyed GOD, anything else we do is in vain. We labor hard and in vain when we are not obeying GOD. It is thus better for us to obey GOD than to labor or to serve Him, because our obedience is service enough to GOD. GOD is pleased by our obedience, not by our service without obedience (1 Samuel 15:22 EXB). The easiest thing to do in the Kingdom is to obey, because things cannot win the heart of GOD, but obedience does. GOD does not do for us because we insist on it long enough, He does it because we obey Him.

Jesus was obedient to GOD through and through, and right to the end (Philippians 2:8). There was no instruction that was too hard for Him to obey, and He always did the things that pleased the Father (John 8:29). Many of us find ourselves obedient as long as it is convenient to us, but with true obedience we cannot pick and choose. It is impossible for us to obey GOD without sacrifice, so it would be much easier for us if we would humble ourselves. Obedience and submission are thus a function of humility. We must be there not just to hear the Word, but to hear and do the Word of God (James 1:22-25), however we will never see what we are not doing right if we are not humbling ourselves. The Holy Spirit is our Companion and Partner to help us to obey GOD, and we can only do the things that are pleasing to GOD by virtue of the Holy Spirit in us.

The measure and rate at which we receive anything from GOD we set for ourselves, because it depends on our obedience to GOD.


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