The Grace To Overcome All Things

The Grace To Overcome All Things

Sunday Message Summary, 20 March 2022

If we can believe, all things are possible for us, not just some (Mark 9:23). God has allowed that by our faith we can put Him to the test, so we can decide to possess everything God wants us to possess and change everything according to His will. Many of us expect things to be done by someone else for us, but GOD is expecting us to do big things because the grace has already been given to us. We have been given the grace to do all things (Matthew 21:21), as long as they fall in the will of GOD for us, because faith does not work in isolation from the Word and the will of GOD. Everything GOD has laid up for us is attainable and available to us by faith, however how many times have we given up because we did not believe?

All of us have the grace to bring GOD to the scene, so we only need to believe to see the power of GOD at work (John 11:40). We need to reckon with and go to the power that is at work within us. This is the same power that was at work within Jesus when He spoke to the fig tree, and it withered from the roots (Matthew 21:18-21). Faith is like a live electrical wire that is always working within us, but are we using that power, tapping into it to put it to work? The power is already within us, and we are the ones to use it to cause things to happen.

The absolutely unchangeable will of GOD is that the faith that is in a child of GOD is the grace which overcomes the world (1 John 5:4). When we are born again, we are born with this faith that overcomes, and every time we hear the authentic Word of God, the faith to overcome grows within us. Faith is the grace we have been given in this world to overcome things in this world. As a result, we are by no means at the mercy of circumstances, situations, or things in the world. The world is under our feet and at our behest. We command circumstances and circumstances don’t command us.

It is either we have faith, or we don’t. Faith is not a thing of the mind, but it is a thing of the heart. It comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. However, if we doubt, the doubt nullifies everything. Furthermore, not believing that GOD will do what He has said is perversion, and unbelief is wickedness (Matthew 17:14-17). If we don’t have faith for something, nothing will happen. The key is to believe the Word as we hear it.

Faith is the grace we have been given in this world to overcome things in this world.

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