Prayer & Consecration

Prayer & Consecration

Sunday Message Summary, 8 May 2022

Acts 2 was the inception of the church of Jesus Christ. Exactly as the church began, so it continues and so it will end. There were fundamentals upon which the church of Jesus Christ was built which we must take note of (Acts 2:42):

1 The church faithfully committed themselves in the apostles’ teachings, faithfully devoting themselves to the Word of GOD. They dedicated and committed themselves to what they were being taught, taking the Word seriously.

2 The church had fellowship together, cultivating an intimate relationship with one another.

3 They broke bread together, partaking of the emblems of holy communion together in remembrance, proclaiming the coming of Jesus for His bride, whom we are.

4 The church continued steadfastly in prayer.

Many believers are not strong in the spirit, not being strong in the fundamentals. As a result of the above fundamentals being in place, in Acts 2:43 fear came upon the church because there was a presence of GOD in the assembly. Prayer is one of the key pillars of the church. A church or individual that does not pray cannot have the presence of GOD. The church of Jesus Christ is a praying church, and a praying church is enveloped by the presence of GOD. To emulate the church of Acts we must be united in spirit, praying together. As one of the pillars, prayer has got to be a devotion, not something we do when we remember or when we are in need or want something from GOD. Prayer is critically fundamental in the life of a believer, and in the life of the church of Jesus Christ.

When bad things had befallen them, the church in Acts raised their voice to GOD in one accord, praying together, doing what they knew best (Acts 4:23-24; 29-30). The church lifted their voices and prayed for their shepherds, leaders, and elders because they understood that their leaders are human and they need supernatural strength. As the church, we must be joint and united together in praying for what GOD wants, for God’s agenda to be furthered. GOD manifested Himself after they prayed for the will of GOD (Acts 4:31;33), so prayer precedes God’s presence, His power, signs, miracles, and wonders when we pray for His will. GOD is passionate about prayer offered in His house (Matthew 21:13), so every time we pray the will of GOD, He will answer.

We are however the temple of GOD (1 Corinthians 3:16-17), so if we are not consecrated, sanctified, and set apart, GOD can do nothing (Matthew 21:12-14). It is the prayer of a consecrated temple that is powerful and successful (James 5:16b). Prayer works with consecration. When GOD dwells in us, GOD begins to do as He pleases, however when we do as we please, GOD cannot dwell in us. We cannot do as we please, and there is a sacrifice needed to live as GOD pleases. The temple was made for the LORD, to house the LORD, so we cannot handle this body as we want. The LORD yearns to dwell in each and every one of us, but it matters how we carry our bodies. We are but stewards of our own bodies, so we must be where GOD wants us to be.

It is the prayer of a consecrated temple that is powerful and successful


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