A Life Of Power

A Life Of Power

Sunday Message Summary, 24 July 2022

Those who have received the gift of righteousness, which is an extension of the abundance of the grace of GOD towards us, will reign in life through Jesus Christ (Romans 5:17,21). Those that reign are in kingdoms, and GOD has translated us from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of the Son of His love (Colossians 1:13). Christ did not come to give us a religion, but to give us a Kingdom. We reign in life, and we have authority and power vested upon us in order to do so. There is therefore a life that those who are in the Kingdom ought to live, which is not of this world. The earthly kingdom has its own life.

The Kingdom is a life to be lived out (Romans 14:17) and it is not the same as this world. There is no lack, need, want, scarcity, sickness, disease, death, danger nor harm in the Kingdom of GOD. This is the life we have to live out here on Earth, but can we say we are living out this Kingdom life? We are Kingdom people, so we must live out the life of our Kingdom here on Earth.  This is a life of power beyond measure. The life to be lived in this Kingdom comes by the Holy Spirit, and those who are born again into the Kingdom of GOD are possessors of this life. We don’t belong to the world, nor are we are of the world. We live in a Kingdom realm, which has its own rules, principles, protocols, and life. We therefore must be taught this new life that we ought to live. Our primary Teacher is the Holy Spirit, and He teaches us how to live in this new Kingdom we are in, and how to relate to the Owner of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of GOD. It is a Kingdom that is powerful beyond measure. Religion has reduced the Kingdom of GOD to a matter of talking, however the Kingdom is instead a matter of living in God’s power (1 Corinthians 4:20). It is not spiritual knowledge, but manifestation of the Kingdom that glorifies GOD. Our lives should manifest and demonstrate the power of GOD (1 Corinthians 2:4-5) because a child of GOD is the one who is born again by the Spirit, and with the coming of the Holy Spirit comes the Kingdom of GOD and power. Every person born of GOD overcomes the challenging issues of this life (1 John 5:4-5). It is by what is in us that we overcome. We are engineered to deal with every challenge that comes to us decisively.

The purpose and plan of GOD for man from the beginning was dominion and ruling (Genesis 1:26-28), so a child of GOD has got authority and power wherever they are in this world.  However, although we have authority and power, if we do not subdue, nothing will come under our command.  We are still overcome by things because we are not doing. We must subdue, overcome, overpower, and bring under control by force. If we are not commanding, the status quo remains, and unless we give demons instruction, they will not do it. We have been given power and authority to trample upon all the devil’s power (Luke 10:18-20). We must therefore stand without any sense of condemnation when we are confronted by the devil, and we must exercise our God-given authority.

We are engineered to deal with every challenge that comes to us decisively.


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