About Kingdom Treasures

About Kingdom Treasures



Hello Kingdom Treasures

Ever wondered if having a child filled with the Spirit of God is possible? The answer is yes!

Children are the inheritors of the Kingdom of God; which means that they too are partakers of worship. God is spirit and all who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). What we believe in is pure and simple: Kids to worship God out of their hearts  and  to grow in every area of their lives by the Word.

See how our kids grow in the testament of God’s Word and never ending love!



This is your FunZone where you will find a trove of the most interesting things packaged with love just for you. Make sure to tell and call other little friends to enjoy with you.

Make time every day to visit this site because we’ll keep adding more things for you. But for now Kingdom Treasures it’s your favorite Story Time. Get cozy, relax and enjoy.

Psst! Don’t forget to say The Lord’s Prayer daily.