Pray For Us

Pray For Us

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Pray for us – Hebrews 13:18.

People resist what they don’t know, and what they do know they despise. Flesh always seeks what makes sense to the flesh. For this reason, real spiritual leadership is always at risk of being resisted and undermined. People always resist what they don’t know and seek to harm the familiar. We run a great risk when we take for granted leadership because we have grown familiar. Such was the case for Moses by Aaron, Miriam, et al. Their gripe was that Moses thought God only spoke to him. So they contended that they too could hear the voice of Jehovah. Aaron and Miriam were offended at Moses because he was their younger brother and they were too familiar with him. Inadvertently they were offended at God’s true leadership. They got too familiar, took it for granted and despised. They sought to correct Moses and to set him straight, at least in their deceived thinking.

God vindicated and protected His own leadership, and exposed the rebels’ error. Rebellion, resistance or defiance against God-ordained leadership is always counterproductive. We desperately need this kind of leadership in the church circles. People approved and attested by God by genuine presence and move of the Spirit. Leadership that is not given to compromise, corruption and distortion. Leadership that steers clear above embarrassment, shame and controversy. Leadership that does not devour it’s followers, but one that cares and protects them. Leadership that understands that people are not sheep to be shorn, but sheep to be led.

Moses as a godly leader always had the best interest of his people at heart. But those with ulterior motives against him and the people he led rose against him. People who have ulterior motives rise against true leadership to upset God’s plan, and to deceive and mislead the people. Those who rose against Moses were not common people, but leaders. Leaders who had given themselves entitlement and promotion that God did not give them. This is the type of leadership that cause divisions, fuel confusion and give bad publicity of the church. We need God’s intervention through our prayers to stem this rapidly spreading tide of disgraceful, unworthy church leadership.


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