The Mind Of A Servant

The Mind Of A Servant

Ref Philippians 2:5-6

“You must have the same mind/mindset/mentality/attitude that Christ Jesus had. Though He was GOD, He did not think of equality with GOD as something to cling to. Instead, He gave up His divine privileges; He took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being,” [emphasis is mine]. This is found in Philippians 2:5-6. This is a very powerful and mind-boggling excerpt of Scripture. Verse 5 premises with – you must have the same mind, mindset, mentality, or attitude that Christ had. Then continues to say that He ceded His rights and privileges as GOD to become like us, not only like us but the lowest and the least of us – a slave or bondservant. He came without grandeur but with simplicity, because He humbled Himself. 

GOD, without ambiguity, is calling us to emulate the humility of Jesus. Jesus came from heaven and represented GOD on earth. He was GOD. We, too, are born from above, so we ought to represent GOD here on earth. Jesus represented GOD in humility, and so should we. We must have the mentality He had. He neither had inferiority nor superiority complex. He just was. Complete and content in who He was in GOD. He had no reason or need to showboat, grandstand or posture. True spirituality in GOD is none of these things. 

Jesus’ only concern was to do what He was sent from heaven to do – the will of GOD. This is what we ought to emulate – to only concern ourselves with God’s will for our lives. His will, plan and purpose. Why am I here? Why am I born again? What does GOD expect of me? To be in sync with GOD, His will and purpose. It therefore, follows that everything in my life has to be informed by His will. Jesus did nothing outside of the Father’s will. When He was just twelve years old, He quipped His parents, ”Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” This really calls us to the question about the very purpose of life, or doesn’t it?

Jesus came as a servant, because He came to serve the will of GOD to mankind. He came to serve others according to the will of GOD, and not to be served. This is what we are commanded to arm our minds with. We’re not born again to seek our own will or self-interest. On the contrary, Christianity calls for us to set aside own will and self-interest. We’re called to serve GOD and His will, only! We’re called to lay aside our pride, arrogance and ego so that we can serve GOD in humility and simplicity.

The highest accolade or honor in the kingdom of GOD is that of a servant. That’s why Scripture says that the greatest of you should be the least of you and a servant of all. We must of necessity cede our high-mindedness and superiority to serve others and to bring them to Christ in an attitude of love and humility. This is God’s best expectation of us all, His children. Note that in Scripture we’re blessed for doing the Father’s will, i.e. His word.

All of God’s best is ours, however, it is wrapped snugly in His will for us, in the word of faith. We can only win the world for Christ as His servants, and as nothing else. He went about doing good, healing all who were oppressed of the devil; He went from village to village serving and saving – as the Spirit in Him directed. Let “this” mind be in you. Stop following and abetting wolves in sheep’s clothing, people who are trying to be rich and famous, and to build their empires, at your expense. Please hear what the Bible says!

The highest accolade or honor in the kingdom of GOD is that of a servant. That’s why Scripture says that the greatest of you should be the least of you and a servant of all.


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