God’s Choosing

God’s Choosing

Man does not see what the Lord sees, for man sees what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

Unless man is renewed in the mind to see things from God’s spiritual perspective, man can never understand God’s criteria. God’s determining factors are in the realm of the invisible, they have eternity factored in which is a far cry from man’s reasons for choosing something or someone. God is not affected by anything physical, He is not swayed by man’s ability or the lack thereof, God does not see the way a man presents himself to the world, but sees the intentions of his heart. That is why if we don’t choose with God we will always choose amiss.

The physical appearance of things is deceptive, by just looking at something or someone for how they appear you cannot tell whether the Lord is with them or not. How we feel about something or someone is also a trap, because those feelings may have been manipulated by sentimental attributes instead of spiritual. There is also the issue of human reasoning, human calculation of what would be best in the circumstance. Some of us even pray about something or someone and go ahead and choose them without having waited to hear God’s opinion about that person.

The disciples chose Matthias to replace Judas among the twelve saying the new disciple must be someone who has lived with them the whole time Jesus was among them. It sounds reasonable, it makes sense on a human level and appeals to the common sense. But that decission was limited and carnal. They had no idea what God wanted to do next and didn’t realise that God would need to raise up an Apostle with a different spirit and attitude, you would think that the best person to do what the Apostle Paul did would have had to have walked with Jesus and learned from Him first hand, and you would be wrong.


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