Difficulties Precede Breakthrough

Difficulties Precede Breakthrough

“Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart” – Luke 18:1 NASB

It is a noticeable, consistent pattern throughout the Bible that every significant move of GOD is preceded by a season of increasingly difficult and discouraging opposition. I am sure we all have at some point felt that, right when things start to look up for us, something suddenly hits us out of the blue and just takes us backwards. There is something about the story of Daniel’s fast that makes me see breakthrough with a different eye altogether. When Daniel fasted for 21 days, the Bible tells us that God answered Daniel on the very first day of his fast but he only got to know of his answer on the 21st day.  The reason behind this is that the devil was fighting the angel that was supposed to bring Daniel’s answer. This story teaches me a lot about breakthroughs because most of us as Christians forfeit the breakthroughs that are already guaranteed for us by the heavens because we lose faith and give up during the difficulties we face preceding our breakthrough. GOD had already given a solution to Daniel from the word go but it just had not yet manifested in the physical. This in simple terms means that the breakthrough is not a reality because you have finally experienced it but rather it is a reality because GOD promised it and His promise is enough to settle it. 

The question is not whether we will breakthrough or not, breakthrough for a child of God is guaranteed. Knowing this truth will ensure that we do not give up when faced with challenges. This is the attitude we ought to always have, come what may so that the devil does not deceive us along the way. Your faith must assure you that your ending will be victory regardless of what you might be going through at that moment. The trials come to test us, to prove us and Job says after this we shall come out refined as gold. It is also important that we bear in mind as well, spiritual breakthroughs are not achieved at all without prayer. Concentrated, specific, persistent, prevailing prayer, often is needed to weaken our spiritual opposition. So this is a call for determination to us all. We ought to keep praying and not lose heart. Just like in any war, there are many battles. Some breakthroughs are achieved relatively quickly, others require long, persevering endurance. Either way, breakthroughs require a determination to keep up the assault.

Your faith must assure you that your ending will be victory regardless of what you might be going through at that moment


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