A Spirit-Led Life

A Spirit-Led Life

Sunday Message Summary, 10 October 2021

When GOD wants to do something, it is the Holy Spirit who does it. GOD does nothing without the Holy Spirit, and we also cannot do anything for GOD without the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, it is impossible for anyone to be born again without Him (Acts 10:44-46), and even the Word of God cannot profit us without Him. In simple terms, we cannot live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit and Him leading us, because it is the Holy Spirit who brings the reality of this new life. The implication of this is that if we are not led by the Spirit, we will not live the life that is promised in Scripture. Without the Holy Spirit, there is no way our Christian lives cannot be miserable, frustrating, disappointing, and discouraging.

If we are born again by the Holy Spirit, then we should live in the Spirit and be led by Him (Romans 8:14). A Spirit-led life begins with the Holy Spirit (as seen in the life of Jesus Christ – Luke 1:31-35), continues in the Holy Spirit, and even ends with the Holy Spirit (as was the case with Peter – John 21:18-19). To a person who is born again and led by the Holy Spirit, He is in full control, from cradle to glory. The Holy Spirit who makes us born again and gives us a new life in the spirit, is the same Holy Spirit who must lead us. What was begun in the Spirit cannot continue without Him (Galatians 3:1-3), so if we continue outside the Spirit, this only leads to frustration.

If we live in the Spirit when we are born again, let us live a life that is led by the Spirit. Holy Spirit must control our lives, leading us in every area, and every single part of our lives (Galatians 5:25 NKJV/GNT/TLB). To a person who is full of the Holy Spirit, the flesh has been crucified. However, the one whom the Holy Spirit cannot control is not full of Him, that part that is not full being the flesh, and such a person resists Him. After the Spirit came upon Jesus, He was immediately led by the Spirit into the wilderness (Mark 1:9-12). The moment the Spirit of the LORD comes upon us, He immediately leads us, because He cannot be reckless with our new lives in Christ. When the Spirit of the LORD comes upon a person, that person is immediately led, influenced, and controlled by the Holy Spirit because that which begins in the Spirit can only continue in the Spirit.

When we are spiritually immature, we do as we wish, however the more we grow and mature in Christ, the more we yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit, & the more He leads us fully. The more the Holy Spirit leads us fully, the more He transforms us into the person and nature of Christ. The key for us is to be filled with the Spirit and to continue being filled, because it is possible to be filled and be depleted along the way.

Holy Spirit must control our lives, leading us in every area, and every single part of our lives.


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